HPN Movie Series: THE GRINCH (Jim Carrey), Thurs @ 2200 EST

Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they're multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson
You're all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We'll kick your ass in

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I'm so excited for this one
delgriffith wrote:[Holy fuck

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Two hours until showtime!
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Editor's note: the earlier portion of this chat was shot in the face by John Gotti

[22:34] <dan2> do they still do steps in the kitchen nowadays
[22:34] <AnimeFilm> its upstream color
[22:34] <jca> rip
[22:34] <catullus> why did we time skip twice
[22:34] <autarch> ray lamontaigne, everyone
[22:34] <shalabi> what
[22:34] <ratti> oh my god
[22:34] <jca> how did that even happen
[22:34] <dan2> "Officer I didn't see him, I was thinkin about the Sunday gravy!"
[22:34] <lhs> they were playing chicken
[22:34] <catullus> did he kill his smart kid
[22:34] <autarch> who's frankie?
[22:35] <Trebbers> Hit at 5 miles an hour
[22:35] <ratti> hes the good kid
[22:35] <LowercaseTea> The one bit of violence Gotti didn't commit is done entirely off screen
[22:35] <ratti> the friggin genius
[22:35] <catullus> good job, killed off the meal ticket
[22:35] <shalabi> gotti in focus
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> excuse you, they were playing chicken parmesean
[22:35] <jca> he was doing circles out of nowhere!!
[22:35] <autarch> dat kid was gunna be a fuckin rocket scientist
[22:35] <catullus> it was broad daylight in his defense
[22:35] <sideshowraheem> he's gonna kill the doctor for not saving his boy
[22:35] <Trebbers> "He was gonna take the mob to the fuckin' moon"
[22:35] <catullus> he was glowingly obvious
[22:35] <shalabi> a fuggin NERO SURGAN OVAHERE
[22:35] <dan2> lol trev
[22:35] <dan2> b
[22:35] <jca> lol
[22:36] <ratti> now this...this iS acting
[22:36] <bob511> Man, he didn't even try to fit that thing in.
[22:36] <nautical> chewin' a knuck
[22:36] <nautical> lol
[22:36] <catullus> well doing him in shadow is the way to try and light that face
[22:36] <autarch> you shoulda seed how dat boy got straight a's. now i gotta kill da fuckin bastahd who

done dis to me
[22:36] <nautical> this shit is amazing and i wish i saw it in theaters
[22:36] <ratti> "it should've been you"
[22:36] <autarch> would've been a great date movie
[22:36] <LowercaseTea> Oh my god the music
[22:36] <nautical> oh absolutely a great date FILM
[22:36] <dan2> I'm sure it'll get a re-release right before Oscar voting
[22:37] <donnamartin> that hair
[22:37] <nautical> it's a film.
[22:37] <bob511> It's still playing here.
[22:37] <nautical> jesus.
[22:37] <catullus> he'll always be gone is quite the line
[22:37] <jca> when people left the theatre the same thing happened
[22:37] <donnamartin> this is basically the sad part of a video game music
[22:37] <nautical> top button.
[22:37] <jca> "it was an accent...its ok"
[22:37] <autarch> anyone else notice pokey nipples on the military son there?
[22:37] <Trebbers> It's like they screened the film then realized they forgot to put the music in and had

no money
[22:37] <nautical> wait what happened
[22:37] <catullus> theres enough product in that hair to grease an engine
[22:37] <nautical> i missed why they're sad.
[22:37] <LowercaseTea> press "f" to bury your boy
[22:37] <donnamartin> they're making him sleep in his dead brother's room?
[22:37] <nautical> i don't know how
[22:37] <shalabi> lol
[22:37] <ratti> frankie got hit by a car, nautical
[22:37] <catullus> the smart kid died keep up
[22:37] <nautical> oh lol
[22:37] <ratti> the genius kid
[22:37] <nautical> sorry to hear that.
[22:37] <nautical> family seems to be handling it well
[22:37] <catullus> so are we
[22:38] <catullus> he was gunna take us to the moon
[22:38] <ratti> the day i saw my mob dad cry
[22:38] <shalabi> i guess he gotti go to the funeral now
[22:38] <nautical> lol
[22:38] <johnnyblast> when you've loved and lost like frankie has
[22:38] <autarch> hahaha
[22:38] <RIXX_> lol dan
[22:38] <Trebbers> "He wasn't smarter than a bumpah. *sobs*"
[22:38] <autarch> dan
[22:38] <nautical> dan killing me
[22:38] <AnimeFilm> i think they couldnt afford a lighting crew
[22:38] <jca> the one way you can tell its the 70s, what you see in all the old photos, is undershirts

tucked into boxers
[22:38] <catullus> This movie is like 75% in shadow
[22:38] <nautical> did she just find out?
[22:39] <autarch> the mom sounds like a npc from zelda
[22:39] <ratti> the recurring motif of dentists
[22:39] <LowercaseTea> Is she alluding to killing herself?
[22:39] <jca> lol
[22:39] <autarch> that little lock of hair barely hanging in the frame
[22:39] <Trebbers> what
[22:39] <ratti> jesus
[22:39] <sideshowraheem> uhhh
[22:39] <donnamartin> no hair on his prick is what we choose?
[22:39] <ratti> he didn't have a hair on his prick
[22:40] <bob511> We didn't even get a content warning for that, huh?
[22:40] <dan2> "Now, if he had hair on his prick, of course he could die in the street"
[22:40] <catullus> okay heres the thing
[22:40] <AnimeFilm> its just a mob thing
[22:40] <catullus> There arent hairs on the actual prick right
[22:40] <jca> omg
[22:40] <catullus> cuuzzzzzz
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> lol that is a much different looking street
[22:40] <LowercaseTea> Pubes are the mob version of a Bat Mitzvah
[22:40] <jca> this owns
[22:40] <bob511> They smoked Fumero?!
[22:41] <dan2> this has got to be Letterman's strangest bit
[22:41] <catullus> COFFEEE
[22:41] <catullus> HOW DARE THEY
[22:41] <Trebbers> ahahah
[22:41] <catullus> THATS A SIGN
[22:41] <donnamartin> just a recap story? slow news day
[22:41] <catullus> THATS IT
[22:41] <@Ampersand_> a fish sleeps in the percolator
[22:41] <autarch> thassit
[22:41] <Trebbers> That whole report sounded like an email forward
[22:41] <autarch> THAAASSIt
[22:41] <catullus> My dad would always say that when we were acting up
[22:41] <donnamartin> 70s therapy
[22:41] <autarch> holy shit
[22:41] <catullus> He never followed up tho
[22:41] <dan2> "He lodged in there forever like a church steeple"
[22:41] <AnimeFilm> cawfee
[22:41] <catullus> So wed just laugh at him
[22:42] <donnamartin> aha dan
[22:42] <Trebbers> Why are they in such a shitty house
[22:42] <autarch> holy shit the perfect time for a happy scene
[22:42] <catullus> she is married to a dentist!
[22:42] <lhs> mother father chinese dentist
[22:42] <LowercaseTea> That scene was the director's way of telling the audience that we can pretend it

never happened now
[22:42] <dan2> this is like a ventriloquist act
[22:42] <catullus> He knocks ppls teeth out all the time
[22:42] <AnimeFilm> man this movie isnt even white balanced
[22:42] <jca> this is like when yr bro overwrites your snes save and yr parents are like 'enough moping!

its a beautiful day'
[22:42] <catullus> lol
[22:42] <donnamartin> wow DV jokes realy go over well here
[22:43] <autarch> his name is santa claus
[22:43] <jca> santa?
[22:43] <catullus> The lighting in this movie is incomprehensible
[22:43] <Trebbers> Heyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[22:43] <donnamartin> please whack santa
[22:43] <dan2> "He's owns the whole upper east pole"
[22:43] <autarch> who da fuck is dis guy?
[22:43] <bob511> I don't think the Italian mafia was particularly known for its white balance, though.
[22:43] <jca> how are ppl in the mob so awkward
[22:43] <AnimeFilm> its just physically bothering my eyes :(
[22:43] <LowercaseTea> "why the fuck would we need flood lights. We've got lights right in the scene"
[22:43] <catullus> This movie took place perpetually at like 8pm in summer
[22:44] <catullus> except when the genius died
[22:44] <donnamartin> lol cat
[22:44] <catullus> santa looks so out of place
[22:44] <jca> i fucking love this directing
[22:44] <donnamartin> oh tone change
[22:44] <Trebbers> They were a little confused on when the golden hour is
[22:44] <sideshowraheem> santa is just a real mall santa they grabbed
[22:44] <catullus> hes like shoved in a corner hoping everyone forgets him
[22:44] <jca> itchy zoom finger
[22:45] <catullus> Music is legally distinct from sinatra
[22:45] <autarch> tommy balotti
[22:45] <Trebbers> "Tommy Bahama is making his move!"
[22:45] <sideshowraheem> build the wall, merry christmas, the media is bad
[22:45] <donnamartin> no, i don't know what youre saying
[22:45] <catullus> Its 2pm outside and 10pm inside this car
[22:46] <donnamartin> it's to hide travolta's face
[22:46] <autarch> what the fuck are they talking about
[22:46] <donnamartin> hey-o!
[22:46] <ratti> god only knows
[22:46] <catullus> portugal and guatemala are always confused for one another
[22:46] <Trebbers> this is some Partners level shit
[22:46] <jca> this driver goes crazy for dick jokes
[22:46] <sideshowraheem> "I wouldn't fuck her with your prick, which I assume has hair on it"
[22:46] <dan2> just bustin some bawls!
[22:46] <donnamartin> gotti didn't get straight As
[22:46] <donnamartin> just the dead kid
[22:46] <catullus> everything is a cock joke
[22:47] <autarch> jesus
[22:47] <ratti> did someone get stabbed
[22:47] <catullus> Toxic Masculinity, the Movie
[22:47] <johnnyblast> and that's why you never ever ask somebody to get their fuckin shinebox
[22:47] <donnamartin> love a good mob brawl
[22:47] <LowercaseTea> You can tell from the generic knife sound
[22:47] <autarch> it doesn't make that sound when you stomp on someone
[22:47] <LowercaseTea> This is Axe Body Spray the Movie
[22:48] <donnamartin> why do'nt you get ya shinebox
[22:48] <jca> man
[22:48] <autarch> lol
[22:48] <catullus> now hes gunna get it
[22:48] <johnnyblast> i cannot believe they actually did a shot for shot remake of like the most famous

fucking scene in goodfellas
[22:48] <Trebbers> hahahahaha
[22:48] <autarch> jesus
[22:48] <autarch> you cocksuckahs
[22:48] <bob511> Walks into a barbershop, says, "Give me the Woody Woodpecker."
[22:48] <shalabi> woke gotti
[22:48] <catullus> HES GOT A GREAT FUTURE
[22:48] <@Ampersand_> lol bob
[22:48] <RIXX_> very close to tim and eric skit
[22:48] <jca> i feel like there should be a right/left hair part rock music image for the son's slicked

back/straight hair
[22:48] <lhs> someone got impaled on his haircut
[22:48] <Trebbers> gradgiate
[22:48] <autarch> that's why he's not a rocket scientist
[22:49] <autarch> holy shit i love this character
[22:49] <autarch> who is this fat guy?
[22:49] <autarch> is that kyle gas?
[22:49] <catullus> how could he kill someone with that much product in his air
[22:49] <catullus> hair
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> fuckin ants?
[22:49] <catullus> fuckin ang
[22:49] <jca> *waves arms*
[22:49] <dan2> Bad Mountain
[22:49] <donnamartin> woah voice over
[22:50] <lhs> i see they recorded these voiceovers 5 minutes after waking up travolta
[22:50] <donnamartin> bad dub alert
[22:50] <AnimeFilm> he acts with his arms
[22:50] <RIXX_> sounds like john c reilly
[22:50] <@Ampersand_> "the family recipe is on those tapes!"
[22:50] <autarch> kind of picking up a southern accent
[22:50] <ratti> thats all this guy ever says
[22:50] <ratti> BOSS IS THE BOSS IS THE BOSS
[22:50] <AnimeFilm> i can hear his teeth whistle wtf
[22:50] <catullus> we're fuuuuuucked
[22:50] <autarch> is it jeff garlin?
[22:51] <donnamartin> i 12 % follow the plot
[22:51] <jca> sorry i think i asked this already but wtf is going on
[22:51] <catullus> the editing of this movie is insane
[22:51] <sideshowraheem> there is no plot I think, it's just a bunch of scenes pasted together
[22:51] <catullus> I have no idea what year this is
[22:51] <jca> best exit ever
[22:51] <Trebbers> So odd they felt the need for a framing device
[22:51] <autarch> simply not italian enough. he gone.
[22:51] <ratti> its very experimental narratively speaking
[22:51] <donnamartin> sepia tone year
[22:51] <catullus> you cant use either travoltas face or the furniture to determine it
[22:52] <catullus> the hair says its not present day
[22:52] <AnimeFilm> this movie is all the conversations between the scenes where plot took place
[22:52] <@Ampersand_> maybe this movie is flashing before his eyes as he dies from titchin cancer
[22:52] <Trebbers> hahah
[22:52] <donnamartin> i'm 99% convinced this movie is lit so poorly b/c of travolta's face
[22:52] <jca> schraders gotta update his tarkovsky ring diagram
[22:52] <sideshowraheem> if the Sopranos taught me anything it's mob guys love getting cancer
[22:52] <catullus> Its amazing at how fucking dark it is
[22:52] <autarch> newman
[22:52] <Trebbers> Saul Porvino
[22:52] <AnimeFilm> what happened to his face?
[22:53] <catullus> its melting
[22:53] <catullus> what a world
[22:53] <jca> everyones face is cg'd in this
[22:53] <autarch> would hate to lick any of these guys on the skin
[22:53] <Trebbers> Speak up motherfucker
[22:53] <donnamartin> why are we lickin people's skin
[22:53] <catullus> youd get high like when u lick a toad
[22:53] <catullus> i like how you can hear the barstool creak
[22:54] <donnamartin> oh i see
[22:54] <autarch> those are farts
[22:54] <catullus> most directors would remove that but not this guy
[22:54] <Trebbers> hasdhadfsh
[22:54] <autarch> jackaloni
[22:54] <Trebbers> Jackaloni
[22:54] <jca> haha
[22:54] <ratti> miss jackaloney
[22:54] <autarch> holy shit
[22:54] <donnamartin> the jacket is brigher than his face
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> too much
[22:54] <nautical> what the hell
[22:54] <sideshowraheem> is this flashback?
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> too handsome to live
[22:54] <catullus> turtleneck cover up
[22:54] <sideshowraheem> or a flashforward?
[22:54] <ratti> wow
[22:54] <nautical> the red + blue contrast
[22:54] <ratti> WOW
[22:54] <ratti> HUGE TWIST
[22:54] <nautical> "FUGGETABOUTIT"
[22:54] <AnimeFilm> his duckface is an intimidation tactic
[22:54] <lhs> if the scrambled chronology is trying to hide how much this sucks, well
[22:55] <shalabi> LOL
[22:55] <lhs> it's not workng
[22:55] <catullus> ill fuckin kill u is a great thing to say to a prosecutor
[22:55] <donnamartin> um would this be a good legal move?
[22:55] <ratti> yousa rat????
[22:55] <ratti> a FUGGIN RAT
[22:55] <Trebbers> Can I get a pass
[22:55] <jca> was that...his lawyer
[22:55] <catullus> Thats the imma murder u face
[22:55] <jca> oh shit
[22:55] <sideshowraheem> "for this role we're gonna need a less attractive billy crystal"
[22:55] <ratti> thats the line of the movie
[22:55] <lhs> swort on your kid's grave
[22:55] <donnamartin> i think it was the prospecuter?
[22:55] <shalabi> i'm contemplatin OVAHERE
[22:55] <autarch> jackaloni dropped a bomb\
[22:55] <AnimeFilm> whats a king to a god
[22:55] <catullus> wait what other storu
[22:56] <catullus> This whole movie is not telling the story they are telling
[22:56] <catullus> its mind blowing
[22:56] <jca> suns out guns out babyyyyy
[22:56] <lhs> it's da fourt
[22:56] <nautical> wid interest
[22:56] <Trebbers> file footage
[22:56] <sideshowraheem> they only had the budget for 105 minutes of conversations and 5 minutes of kid

[22:56] <autarch> is gotti supposed to be the good guy?
[22:57] <LowercaseTea> The fireworks look like they were taped on vhs
[22:57] <autarch> this movie is so fucked up
[22:57] <nautical> he's just a guy
[22:57] <catullus> hes a fuggin guy
[22:57] <jca> loool
[22:57] <AnimeFilm> hes the peoples hero
[22:57] <AnimeFilm> of jersey
[22:57] <jca> ]taste this gristle
[22:57] <sideshowraheem> Gotti jr. has to be some producer's kid
[22:57] <@Ampersand_> "it's me, ya wife"
[22:57] <donnamartin> ya have tits
[22:57] <autarch> whoawhoawhoa IS DAT YOU? WOWZA!
[22:57] <catullus> "you walked over"
[22:57] <donnamartin> arruuuuga
[22:57] <catullus> smooth move
[22:57] <catullus> SHES NOT 16
[22:58] <AnimeFilm> yikes
[22:58] <catullus> She looks 45 wtf
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> "oh, ya hair had me thinkin you was middle aged"
[22:58] <nautical> hair
[22:58] <autarch> marisa tomei in my cousin vinny
[22:58] <ratti> joey rugs daughter
[22:58] <catullus> at least 30 years in hair
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> what the hell is that tie
[22:58] <catullus> shut your mouth marisa tomei in mcv is a GODDESS
[22:58] <ratti> are those oysters on the tie
[22:58] <lhs> old men bickering: the movie
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> maybe its Grumpy Cat?
[22:58] <donnamartin> oyster tie i would support
[22:58] <autarch> yeah, I agree marisa tomei was flawless
[22:59] <nautical> penguin tie
[22:59] <AnimeFilm> man his accent is breaking up a bit
[22:59] <catullus> A conversation in sighs
[22:59] <dan2> he's right though, you can't take a Oujia
[22:59] <catullus> well dont say that buddy
[22:59] <ratti> this movie is like one of tony soprano's long, raspy inhales
[22:59] <jca> 10 cuts at least
[22:59] <lhs> they're going to run out of filter colors soon
[22:59] <catullus> wait what
[23:00] <bob511> Stacy Keach seems like a good death pool pick, actually.
[23:00] <AnimeFilm> puncha funk kids friggin around on poker game
[23:00] <catullus> there are so many random scenes like what is this
[23:00] <nautical> Traffic looked like this.
[23:00] <Trebbers> They followed up on that guy after we stopped caring
[23:00] <@Ampersand_> i honestly thought he had, bob
[23:00] <@Ampersand_> he seems spry enough here
[23:00] <bob511> I had to check first, too.
[23:00] <lhs> joe piney and the fresh-scent gang
[23:00] <ratti> lol he just dies?
[23:00] <donnamartin> oh fuck there goes the only good actor
[23:00] <catullus> Travolta looks like hes making an asshole pucker face
[23:00] <sideshowraheem> RIP to the only halfway decent performance in this movie
[23:00] <catullus> how does the son manage to increase the grease in his hair in every scene
[23:01] <catullus> soon hes just going to tape a tub of hair gel to his head
[23:01] <ratti> look at that wig
[23:01] <autarch> who da fuck are you?
[23:01] <donnamartin> he adds grease for every year he ages
[23:01] <Trebbers> Seems like he could have waited a minute
[23:01] <catullus> why is this funeral at 8pm in the summer
[23:01] <dan2> *mourners throw marinara sauce into open grave*
[23:02] <AnimeFilm> that guys looks like a skull
[23:02] <jca> lol
[23:02] <ratti> lol dan
[23:02] <dan2> need the Chi-ku
[23:02] <ratti> an italian chef comes over with a giant pepper grinder and stands over the coffin
[23:02] <johnnyblast> tonight, dear friend, you sleep with the feast of the seven fishes
[23:02] <Trebbers> Still don't understand what's happening, movie
[23:02] <sideshowraheem> great another conversation about characters who we don't know
[23:02] <catullus> travolta doing the asshole pucker so well now
[23:02] <donnamartin> this movie had a $10M budget. $8M was bronzer
[23:02] <jca> found a new ringtone
[23:02] <Trebbers> Basuchi
[23:02] <AnimeFilm> im pretty confident the script wouldnt even make sense if we read it
[23:03] <nautical> chin
[23:03] <jca> same shot reversed, very sick
[23:03] <autarch> chin
[23:03] <autarch> makes me think of mr potatochin
[23:03] <johnnyblast> yessssssssssss
[23:03] <@Ampersand_> looool
[23:03] <dan2> EHH
[23:03] <donnamartin> oh thank god he clarified
[23:03] <lhs> the only way to take out the chin is to become the chin
[23:03] <sideshowraheem> Travalto does not want this much attention being brought to chins
[23:03] <autarch> those are the 5 boroughs
[23:03] <donnamartin> this movie needs more dialogue!
[23:03] <Trebbers> Thank god we know what they are now
[23:03] <nautical> green
[23:03] <nautical> blue
[23:03] <autarch> thank you for telling me what the boroughs are
[23:03] <catullus> each of travoltas chins were paid seperately
[23:03] <nautical> yellow
[23:03] <ratti> his accent is getting more insane
[23:04] <Trebbers> lacozanozaa
[23:04] <dan2> he's trying to make Cosa Nostra into a single sylable
[23:04] <donnamartin> i hope this movie ends with travolta giving himself a pep talk in the mirrow,

whipping his dick out
[23:04] <catullus> NOW its 85
[23:04] <autarch> 1985
[23:04] <catullus> how did like 40 years happen and we had no time markers??
[23:04] <catullus> like
[23:04] <nautical> 85 is white
[23:04] <catullus> tf is this movie
[23:04] <donnamartin> the time markers are the filters, duh
[23:04] <autarch> music
[23:04] <AnimeFilm> its a heist movie on a skyscraper  it seems
[23:04] <catullus> I have no idea who is even in this scene
[23:04] <autarch> DUNNNNNN
[23:04] <Trebbers> Brannng
[23:05] <autarch> nananannananananna
[23:05] <nautical> the beat sounded like cards on a bike wheel
[23:05] <autarch> bmmmmm
[23:05] <catullus> like there are 5 people and you cant see a single face
[23:05] <donnamartin> is the mob in the habit of giving away the goose like this?
[23:05] <sideshowraheem> name more new york streets!
[23:05] <autarch> nannananananananana
[23:05] <jca> we're gonna go there at 10
[23:05] <catullus> BAZANG
[23:05] <autarch> pshhhh
[23:05] <Trebbers> It's like they are trying in this section
[23:05] == RIXX_ [43f474a7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:05] <nautical> PITSburgh steelers
[23:05] <autarch> bonnngggg
[23:05] <AnimeFilm> maybe the camera man was wearing sunglasses at night like the actors
[23:05] <autarch> babonnggg
[23:06] <autarch> DUNNNN
[23:06] <catullus> all the actors are in witness protection
[23:06] <jca> dink a dink a dink
[23:06] <catullus> thats why we cant see their fucking faces
[23:06] <dan2> so is this the part where they finally whack Santa for stealing Gotti's chair?
[23:06] <autarch> hey it's cam from modern family
[23:06] <lhs> i got ya present right heah
[23:06] <autarch> kill him and then run away
[23:06] <catullus> FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE
[23:06] <donnamartin> merry christmas ya filthy animal
[23:07] <donnamartin> aha cat
[23:07] == LowercaseTea [43b43235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:07] <catullus> yea hes def not making dinner now
[23:07] <catullus> Missed a perfect opportunity for gotti to spit out the window at the body
[23:07] <sideshowraheem> "they even killed his damn toupee"
[23:07] <nautical> high five
[23:07] <ratti> finally his full name
[23:07] <AnimeFilm> we barely even saw who that character was
[23:08] <donnamartin> oh thank you mr. reporter
[23:08] <catullus> Why he was killed?  Hes a mobster ya dumbshits
[23:08] <autarch> paul "big paul"
[23:08] <sideshowraheem> Pal "Big Paul"
[23:08] <sideshowraheem> dammit
[23:08] <catullus> OMG MORE GREASE\
[23:08] <bob511> Paul "Big Pall"
[23:08] <dan2> "He is survived by his sons Medium Paul and Small Paul"
[23:08] <autarch> did the kid get more italian?
[23:08] <bob511> He's very unhealthy-looking.
[23:08] <catullus> omg dan
[23:08] <ratti> great joke
[23:08] <sideshowraheem> what
[23:08] <autarch> he's retelling the latest bond film
[23:08] <AnimeFilm> hyuk hyuk hyuk
[23:09] <catullus> you can see everyones face but travoltas olol
[23:09] <nautical> dan wooo
[23:09] <donnamartin> music is killing me
[23:09] <nautical> good goof
[23:09] <catullus> very dipolmatic
[23:09] <donnamartin> slow claps
[23:09] <catullus> wait
[23:09] <catullus> they didnt vote
[23:09] == jca [b898314a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> the motion has been oceaned
[23:09] <shalabi> annnnnnnd slow clap to a don
[23:09] <donnamartin> was this a quorum?
[23:09] <Trebbers> He doesn't even have a seat, how can he second that shit
[23:09] <dan2> SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!
[23:10] <autarch> we got gin and tonics!
[23:10] <lhs> now how abouts some fuckin breadsticks
[23:10] <sideshowraheem> someone in the back whips out robert's rules of order
[23:10] <autarch> this is like revolutionary war marching music
[23:10] <donnamartin> fuck now i want bread sticks
[23:10] <AnimeFilm> mob rules you can only talk 4 inches apart
[23:10] <shalabi> soup and breadsticks for life
[23:10] <autarch> he sounds like a coach giving a post game interview
[23:10] <catullus> we had lasagne for dinner
[23:11] <catullus> feels appropriate
[23:11] <sideshowraheem> oh wow what a great guy
[23:11] <donnamartin> wait they're gonna murder a wido?
[23:11] <catullus> YESSS
[23:11] <dan2> Batman?
[23:11] <shalabi> lol
[23:11] <bob511> That is absolutely a bed bug on his tie.
[23:11] <catullus> THE MUSICCCCC
[23:11] <shalabi> dying
[23:11] <nautical> WHAT
[23:11] <catullus> fuck yes
[23:11] <lhs> they remixed the movie
[23:11] <autarch> rap by will smith
[23:11] <dan2> Batman is the head of the Gambino crime family??
[23:11] <nautical> was that a real dead body
[23:11] <AnimeFilm> gotti (beat remix)
[23:12] <autarch> put your glass on my vagine?
[23:12] <catullus> HES DA HEAD HONCHO
[23:12] <donnamartin> oh my god
[23:12] <dan2> *BLAM*
[23:12] <nautical> oh my god.
[23:12] <catullus> that was the best montage ever
[23:12] <AnimeFilm> wow
[23:12] <shalabi> non-goodfellas
[23:12] <autarch> that guy's high pitched giggle
[23:12] <donnamartin> is he gonna shoot spider?
[23:12] <shalabi> fellas of non-good stature
[23:12] <AnimeFilm> they really nailed the italian with the goodfellas line
[23:13] <nautical> the rack focuses
[23:13] <nautical> are a mess
[23:13] <bob511> Gotti only knows two Scorsese movies.
[23:13] <catullus> wow, thats quite the code
[23:13] <donnamartin> fuck you spider
[23:13] <Trebbers> Big on family values
[23:13] <nautical> mai waife
[23:13] <bob511> Whoa, those two are still walking.
[23:13] <johnnyblast> listen john gotti is just a humble family man
[23:13] <shalabi> femingotti
[23:14] <autarch> not johnny cash
[23:14] <autarch> hahahah
[23:14] <AnimeFilm> the audio mix is atrocious
[23:14] <catullus> Legally distinct from Johnny Cash
[23:14] <shalabi> glad i'm watching this on a laptop so i don't have to constantly turn it down
[23:15] <donnamartin> those guys must be sweatin out their leather asses
[23:15] <sideshowraheem> wait I thought he was in the car
[23:15] <nautical> yeah he was gone.
[23:15] <catullus> GAS PIPE CASSO
[23:15] <AnimeFilm> chin, gas pipe, pesgucci... the names
[23:16] <catullus> why is he suddenly voice overing
[23:16] <dan2> EY COP
[23:16] <nautical> shot him in the butt
[23:16] <nautical> mama mia.
[23:16] <catullus> how u do gas pipe like dat
[23:16] <shalabi> not gas pipe, not now
[23:16] <dan2> the pipe just burst
[23:16] <catullus> thats a spicy meatball
[23:16] <nautical> shot him right in the gas pipe.
[23:16] <nautical> (his butt)
[23:16] <shalabi> G for .....gonni?
[23:16] <AnimeFilm> that comedic music note, wtf
[23:17] <Trebbers> Who the fuck is this
[23:17] <AnimeFilm> rocky but skinny
[23:17] <nautical> lookin like a stromboli
[23:17] <bob511> Gas Pipe's right at home in the boiler room.
[23:17] <Trebbers> uh
[23:17] <donnamartin> he just ... shot his dick off?
[23:17] <donnamartin> right in the meatballs
[23:17] <catullus> some good dudes right here
[23:18] <autarch> joe paterno
[23:18] <nautical> is that john mayer?
[23:18] <AnimeFilm> thats a spicy meatball *licks lips*
[23:18] <catullus> he def said joe paterno
[23:18] <autarch> these guys are assholes
[23:18] <catullus> He likes tossed salad
[23:18] <nautical> there it is.
[23:18] <autarch> you can't deny that angelo has been asking about it for a long time
[23:18] <donnamartin> that's not what off the record is
[23:18] <nautical> little chat trivia: caesar salad originated in mexico
[23:19] <Trebbers> "No let ME tell YOU somethin"
[23:19] <autarch> warhorse, now on blu-ray
[23:19] <AnimeFilm> so hes in jail?
[23:19] <ratti> oh god the chin
[23:19] <catullus> where did the glasses come from
[23:19] <autarch> chin cancer
[23:19] <autarch> stage 4
[23:19] <bob511> "But this movie is just too much, John."
[23:19] <@Ampersand_> it looks like a rock formation
[23:20] <lhs> probably lenscrafters
[23:20] <donnamartin> are glasses supposed to make jr look older?
[23:20] <catullus> My dooty and manhood
[23:20] <Trebbers> hoit
[23:20] <nautical> doodie
[23:20] <dan2> he looks like the rock monster from Neverending Story
[23:20] <ratti> lil nugget of mob wisdom
[23:20] <catullus> fuuuuck
[23:20] <catullus> he does
[23:20] <catullus> I love the italian flag in the back
[23:20] <catullus> in case we forgot
[23:20] <ratti> its so perfect that this was directed by E from entourage
[23:20] <nautical> yeah set design is on point
[23:20] <autarch> this guy was not worth making a movie about
[23:21] <nautical> lived a very confusing life.
[23:21] <catullus> NO NO NO
[23:21] <AnimeFilm> pretty sure entire movie was shot in a single warehouse
[23:21] <sideshowraheem> an italian flag in every room, they're like a smoke detector at a mob hideout
[23:21] <catullus> I like how this was the cut of the film that the director is like YES
[23:21] <autarch> ratbags, I came so close to making an entourage joke earlier
[23:21] <donnamartin> what does taht mean?
[23:21] <autarch> was it actually directed by e?
[23:21] <ratti> yes
[23:21] <Trebbers> yeah boy
[23:21] <nautical> can you imagine the rough cuts
[23:22] <catullus> I imagine there is an even less coherent version out there
[23:22] <AnimeFilm> hes wearing a kramer outfi
[23:22] <AnimeFilm> outfit
[23:22] <lhs> imagine how this scene smells
[23:22] <autarch> haha
[23:22] <Trebbers> Cuts as rough as John Gotti's chin
[23:22] <donnamartin> so has he been excommunicated?
[23:22] <catullus> o no he gon get ittttt
[23:22] <Trebbers> *squeak squeak8
[23:22] <nautical> i don't know what's going on at all to be completely honest
[23:22] <autarch> that's what I was saying, about the smells, when I said I wouldn't want to lick any of

these dudes skin
[23:23] <catullus> we already established that wuld get u high afffff
[23:23] <Trebbers> Italian Andy Partridge about to cry
[23:23] <AnimeFilm> yeah i wouldnt want to lick gottis chin
[23:23] <autarch> "I got a job with geek squad"
[23:23] <donnamartin> i just don't know why we're licking people at all
[23:23] <catullus> Giotta is VERY PRINCIPLED
[23:23] <catullus> Gotti
[23:23] <catullus> Lol
[23:23] <dan2> 8 Simple Rules for Training my Teenage Mobster
[23:23] <catullus> all italians names are the same so
[23:23] <donnamartin> aha dan
[23:23] <AnimeFilm> Paul Giagotti
[23:24] <nautical> hair
[23:24] <Trebbers> apartta
[23:24] <catullus> Victoria wam bam to the moon
[23:24] <ratti> this movie could use a dose of giamatti
[23:24] <catullus> wait
[23:24] <catullus> what trial is this
[23:24] <catullus> wtf
[23:24] <donnamartin> this movie could use a dose of coherence
[23:24] <Trebbers> who is htat guy
[23:24] <Trebbers> why did he get a zoom
[23:24] <catullus> LIKE WHAT
[23:24] <donnamartin> gotti was always on trial
[23:24] <lhs> the plant on the jury
[23:24] <donnamartin> so i think this is the teflon don thing
[23:24] <Trebbers> ahahh
[23:24] <catullus> Who needs to establish anytghing
[23:24] <autarch> haha
[23:24] <Trebbers> party time!
[23:24] <bob511> "Ayyyyy!"
[23:24] <Trebbers> turd victory
[23:24] <shalabi> you can do that?
[23:24] <autarch> the look on his face
[23:25] <dan2> dying @ turd victory
[23:25] <donnamartin> now, when you buy a lexus....
[23:25] <autarch> is this midi
[23:25] <dan2> lol
[23:25] <bob511> Interlude by Yo Yo Fuggitaboutit Ma
[23:25] <catullus> *Dudes stare at each other* The Movie
[23:25] <donnamartin> aha bob
[23:26] <Trebbers> Pohibited
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> mice, howevah
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> adorable
[23:26] <catullus> Gotta get a hamster insread
[23:26] <donnamartin> i really still wish pitbull was here
[23:26] <shalabi> well that was easy
[23:26] <autarch> oh wait
[23:26] <AnimeFilm> did they say they fuck rats?
[23:26] <autarch> it's john candy
[23:26] <autarch> the fat guy is john candy I think
[23:27] <autarch> I mean john goodman
[23:27] <catullus> hes gunna kiss him
[23:27] <donnamartin> i don't understand his hair
[23:27] <catullus> Like i said more grease more years
[23:27] <shalabi> "lookadis"
[23:27] <autarch> lookadis
[23:27] <AnimeFilm> is it still 1985?
[23:27] <donnamartin> sure
[23:27] <@Ampersand_> it is timeless
[23:27] <autarch> do people like this still exist?
[23:27] <catullus> Who knows
[23:27] <@Ampersand_> Johnny Gotti has become unstuck in time
[23:28] <sideshowraheem> "I get arrested constantly"
[23:28] <Trebbers> Clans?
[23:28] <autarch> holding his fingers like that. it's a marinara
[23:28] <AnimeFilm> The great country of new york
[23:28] <donnamartin> fuck cancer gets everyone
[23:28] <catullus> Angelo, I had to give you cancer
[23:29] <Trebbers> "He gave him cancer"
[23:29] <donnamartin> wow, this is some real victim blaming
[23:29] <Trebbers> gahadfhfhfhdfsahdfshdf
[23:29] <sideshowraheem> he died of a broken heart because he couldn't hang out in a shitty wood panel

basement and shoot guys
[23:29] <donnamartin> do they just think everyone is cancer/
[23:29] <donnamartin> ?*
[23:29] <catullus> this movie sure is a cancer
[23:29] <autarch> ham pick
[23:29] <@Ampersand_> gonna henpeck yr crew
[23:29] <bob511> Donny "Cancer" Cansoloni.
[23:29] <catullus> we all will die a year from now bc travolta gave us chin cancer
[23:30] <@Ampersand_> siiiiing
[23:30] <autarch> dats da sintatra shit i was tellin ya about
[23:30] <@Ampersand_> weird ass song
[23:30] <nautical> hair
[23:30] <sideshowraheem> Frank D'Angelo thinks this is amateur hour because Travolta isn't signing himself
[23:30] <donnamartin> what's that guys name, frank antenello?
[23:30] <AnimeFilm> travolta looks like a d grade ray wise
[23:30] <donnamartin> yes, raheem
[23:31] <ratti> this is the most famous song by John Sinatra
[23:31] <catullus> Legally Distinct From Sinatra take 2
[23:31] <donnamartin> fuck he's marrying jordy?
[23:31] <autarch> chinatra
[23:31] <nautical> bride of frankenstini
[23:31] <catullus> BUT SHES 16!!
[23:31] <autarch> "my little fuckin pal, hey?"
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> New Daddy's Here?
[23:31] <catullus> are they jumping into their 1st dance?
[23:31] <catullus> Jesus
[23:32] <autarch> there's a new daddy in town
[23:32] <donnamartin> ew
[23:32] <AnimeFilm> they need more friggen geniuses for the family
[23:32] <ratti> next hes going to sing
[23:32] <catullus> Who is your daddy and what does he do
[23:32] <ratti> NEWARK NEWARK
[23:32] <autarch> thumbs up
[23:32] <catullus> The black is the best scene in this movie
[23:32] <autarch> da slife of ours
[23:33] <sideshowraheem> wow this Gotti seems like a huge moron
[23:33] <ratti> all i want is a sammich
[23:33] <catullus> Dese are my wishes.  I also want a pony
[23:33] <shalabi> we gotti'm
[23:33] <autarch> this is so not fair
[23:33] <autarch> gotti deserves better
[23:34] <autarch> greasin' in the clink
[23:34] <catullus> I only killed a lot of ppl and also am a total dickhead who cant find my light
[23:34] <nautical> "sammy... SAMMY"
[23:35] <catullus> 50 dollars!!
[23:35] <autarch> god, can you believe how unfair it is? sammy is such a rat. Gotti killed those people

fair and square.
[23:35] <shalabi> heeyuck
[23:35] <autarch> hehehe
[23:35] <nautical> borat.
[23:35] <johnnyblast> ahahaha how is that real footage
[23:35] <Trebbers> "Hello darkness"
[23:35] <donnamartin> that guys was so excited for the velcro guy
[23:35] <AnimeFilm> jumps in airs and clacks heels, spinning shirt in the air "gotteem''
[23:35] <catullus> HES A WINNER JUST ASK TRUMP
[23:35] <bob511> How did they not have Kevin Connolly file footage there?
[23:35] <donnamartin> ... they rioted for a mokb boss?
[23:36] <dan2> I wonder if all these newsreel chuds got paychecks off of this
[23:36] <shalabi> Trump would have pardoned for sure
[23:36] <@Ampersand_> Eddie Lemur?
[23:36] <autarch> he was a good guy
[23:36] <@Ampersand_> i bet they all followed him to the grave
[23:36] <bob511> His son's goomba?
[23:36] <autarch> bobby boriello
[23:36] <Trebbers> What a death
[23:36] <nautical> AHHHH
[23:36] <nautical> lol that kid
[23:36] <donnamartin> didn't want to pay metallica huh?
[23:36] <catullus> Wow in front of the kid thats cold
[23:36] <autarch> great death
[23:36] <nautical> yeah this is stock music for sure
[23:36] <dan2> sis *BOOM* botta
[23:36] <catullus> They didnt want to pay anyone
[23:36] <catullus> This is the most hilarious soundtrack
[23:37] <@Ampersand_> like fada, like sahn
[23:37] <autarch> ah sahn is a tahget
[23:37] <catullus> OMG THE YELLING ON THE PHONE
[23:37] <AnimeFilm> the pay pah
[23:37] <nautical>  taaahget
[23:37] <nautical> his hair looks great.
[23:37] <@Ampersand_> you slaughter me in bed???
[23:37] <autarch> what world u talkin about?
[23:37] <donnamartin> oh swearing in bed means no take backsies
[23:37] <autarch> shaht da fahk ahp
[23:37] <dan2> deez fuckin brawds
[23:37] <ratti> so many classic new yahk shots
[23:37] <donnamartin> get back here i love you bitch!
[23:37] <shalabi> wheryuguing
[23:38] <johnnyblast> aaaaand nothing else mattaaahhhhsss
[23:38] <Trebbers> exactly
[23:38] <nautical> someone got paid for this song
[23:38] <nautical> that was sitting in a library
[23:38] <nautical> for decades.
[23:38] <dan2> background music is knockoff Black Ablum-era Metallica
[23:39] <sideshowraheem> nevah cared for what they doooo
[23:39] <dan2> yess
[23:39] <@Ampersand_> get yr chin on straight
[23:39] <nautical> lol
[23:39] <catullus> gotti takes a leak
[23:39] <autarch> guitar center sessions
[23:39] <catullus> THE WATER HERE SUCKS
[23:39] <AnimeFilm> lol
[23:39] <Trebbers> Gotti stay hydraded
[23:39] <catullus> PRISON IS A NIGHTMARE
[23:39] <dan2> I wanna see how the "What they did was very unfair!" guy feels about all this
[23:40] <AnimeFilm> they gave him plastic cups cause he kept smashing stuff
[23:40] <nautical> how long is this song
[23:40] <catullus> 14 years
[23:40] <Trebbers> Why does the son live in a nicer house than dad
[23:40] <autarch> wait, he's their dad? he's like 19
[23:40] <dan2> but I KNO-OOO-WWWWWWWW
[23:40] <catullus> Hes 19 or 35
[23:40] <nautical> what year is this
[23:40] <autarch> because the's the new daddy, Trebbers
[23:40] <donnamartin> way chiller than id' think you'd be
[23:40] <AnimeFilm> face is 15 body is 30
[23:40] <ratti> you still have to knock
[23:41] <catullus> They didint even try knocking
[23:41] <autarch> body is 69 imo
[23:41] <catullus> yeah it is heeeeyo
[23:41] <Trebbers> Didn't expect to heard 'daddy' so much in this
[23:41] <catullus> I did ;)
[23:41] <catullus> OGD
[23:41] <catullus> Original Gotti Daddy
[23:41] <lhs> and nothing else is important
[23:41] <autarch> he's reading up on rocket science in prison
[23:41] <catullus> 92 ohhhh
[23:42] <catullus> okay
[23:42] <AnimeFilm> nostrils intensify
[23:42] <nautical> he's at juvi
[23:42] <autarch> even the lawyers are italian
[23:42] <donnamartin> He's gotti get out of here
[23:42] <nautical> he'll be out when he turns 18
[23:42] <ratti> do yourself a favor and google the real junior gotti
[23:43] <nautical> nerd alert
[23:43] <dan2> break their holes??????
[23:43] <catullus> Real gotti jr is Daddy
[23:43] <autarch> lotta tinkin
[23:43] <lhs> i hope he means only 5 minutes left in the movie
[23:43] <nautical> no touching
[23:43] <@Ampersand_> i dun know if i gaht through that thick hair a yours
[23:44] <catullus> Its prison they can touch lol
[23:44] <catullus> Why do i know this
[23:44] <autarch> now give daddy a kiss
[23:44] <catullus> YESS
[23:44] <autarch> there it is
[23:44] <autarch> nanananana
[23:44] <autarch> music
[23:44] <catullus> *labored breathing*
[23:44] <autarch> danananananana
[23:45] <nautical> half turtle neck
[23:45] <nautical> J R GOFT
[23:45] <@Ampersand_> donating his chin to science
[23:45] <nautical> lol
[23:45] <catullus> fuuuuuck
[23:45] <autarch> you tryna fuckin kill me, doc?
[23:45] <@Ampersand_> pfffft
[23:45] <donnamartin> are we supposed to feel he can't speak anymore?
[23:46] <Trebbers> They're going to put that chin in a jar and stick it next to Rasputin's dick
[23:46] <catullus> haha that no no no gesture
[23:46] <AnimeFilm> i still dont know what the hell is going on
[23:46] <catullus> wait didnt peter die
[23:46] <sideshowraheem> being in incredible pain to own the libs
[23:46] <ratti> handheld is a nice touch
[23:46] <catullus> which fuckin kid is this
[23:46] <ratti> the useless one
[23:46] <shalabi> what's with the home video camerawork OVAHERE
[23:47] <catullus> THIS MOVIE MAKES NO SENSE
[23:47] <lhs> my son peter, who i forgot i even had
[23:47] <donnamartin> we adopted peter after frankie died
[23:47] <catullus> This movie is like "Oh and by the way" The Movie
[23:47] <@Ampersand_> his final words were "at least there's still hair on my prick"
[23:47] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:47] <catullus> loool
[23:47] <donnamartin> i hurt myself, today
[23:47] <sideshowraheem> lol amp
[23:47] <shalabi> Wish you were here
[23:47] <shalabi> oh wait
[23:47] <autarch> a very sad day
[23:47] <ratti> omg
[23:47] <dan2> oh my god
[23:47] <ratti> the song
[23:47] <catullus> \FUCKL MEEEE
[23:47] <donnamartin> aha amp
[23:47] <johnnyblast> fucking
[23:47] <johnnyblast> incredible
[23:47] <sideshowraheem> what a soundtrack
[23:47] <catullus> This is the song they pay for
[23:47] <Trebbers> Hell yes public domain
[23:47] <catullus> Im dying
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> ahahahaha
[23:48] <autarch> everyone knows
[23:48] <nautical> joanna newsome
[23:48] <catullus> He killed me
[23:48] <AnimeFilm> the riff is legally different
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> yes he did
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> he literally di
[23:48] <autarch> ditka
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> we saw it
[23:48] <dan2> oh well when you put it like that...
[23:48] <autarch> that was literally mike ditka
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> this is insane
[23:48] <shalabi> white people 7
[23:48] <catullus> gotti da man
[23:48] <sideshowraheem> lol the crime rate started plummetting right after
[23:48] <nautical> maga types
[23:48] <AnimeFilm> kept the neighborhood safe from who? hmm
[23:48] <catullus> wow that poster
[23:48] <donnamartin> i don't feel like i understand this any better
[23:48] <autarch> you heard it here from a 15 year old. John Gotti is the man.
[23:48] <Trebbers> omg
[23:48] <ratti> so we're supposed to take away from this that gotti was good?
[23:49] <dan2> is there a National Gotti Day in this universe?
[23:49] <johnnyblast> in my experience this is how italians on staten island still feel about john gotti

[23:49] <catullus> No no no this is all wrong
[23:49] <autarch> how da fuck am i supposed to read dis?
[23:49] <autarch> i'm fuckin illiterate!
[23:49] <shalabi> Donald 'Don 'John' Gotti' Trump
[23:49] <lhs> a hundred more fuckin years of this movie
[23:49] <nautical> "i can't read"
[23:49] <ratti> his hair grey?
[23:50] <ratti> omg
[23:50] <donnamartin> ah, the old tattle tale defense
[23:50] <dan2> D.A. Don Rickles
[23:50] <ratti> his hair is spray dyed
[23:50] <ratti> grey
[23:50] <AnimeFilm> he still gets hair gel in jail
[23:50] <catullus> yes thats a human right
[23:50] <AnimeFilm> for italians its like water
[23:51] <catullus> HE HAS TO WALK THROUGH WATER
[23:51] <dan2> takin him to Cell Block 99
[23:51] <sideshowraheem> to drain the swamp
[23:51] <dan2> BRING. HIM. BACK.
[23:51] <@Ampersand_> the life of crime, yes
[23:51] <johnnyblast> i cannot believe this is a metaphor for travolta's life
[23:52] <catullus> hes earned it by taking a plea deal duh
[23:52] <sideshowraheem> posthumous voiceover
[23:52] <ratti> junior gotti's kids are in prison iRL
[23:52] <bob511> Wait, is Gotti still narrating?
[23:52] <nautical> post mortem VO
[23:52] <donnamartin> wow
[23:52] <catullus> wait hes narrating from the grave
[23:52] <johnnyblast> holy fucking shit
[23:52] <ratti> wow
[23:52] <sideshowraheem> ahahaha
[23:52] <ratti> this is anti government?
[23:52] <ratti> LMAO
[23:52] <sideshowraheem> what a fucking post script
[23:52] <shalabi> oh no
[23:52] <donnamartin> .........................
[23:52] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:52] <shalabi> JESUS CHRIST
[23:52] <johnnyblast> oh my god
[23:52] <autarch> holuy shit
[23:52] <nautical> shut uppppp
[23:52] <Trebbers> Can't believe these animals did him like that
[23:52] <ratti> HOLY SHIT
[23:52] <AnimeFilm> this movie director also made full metal alchemist the movie
[23:52] <sideshowraheem> in.sane.
[23:52] <autarch> HOLY FUCKING SHIT
[23:52] <autarch> HAHAHAHAH
[23:53] <shalabi> incredible
[23:53] <autarch> THAT LAST LINE
[23:53] <dan2> that's amazing
[23:53] <lhs> bad
[23:53] <ratti> that ending was fantastic
[23:53] <nautical> wow this song
[23:53] <autarch> And then the cut to rap music
[23:53] <sideshowraheem> hell yeah classic narration song
[23:53] <donnamartin> the ending was the only good part
[23:53] <autarch> THE SONG
[23:53] <johnnyblast> i feel like i'm dissociating
[23:53] <catullus> That ending has me dying
[23:53] <@Ampersand_> Harvey Winterstein
[23:53] <catullus> Im dead
[23:53] <catullus> so so so dead
[23:53] <catullus> SLAYED FULLY
[23:53] <johnnyblast> thank u pitbull for this credits song
[23:53] <nautical> unreal good
[23:53] <ratti> i cant believe that post script
[23:53] <sideshowraheem> some say the chat died of cancer, I think they died of a broken brain
[23:53] <autarch> Holy shit it's actually pitbull isnt it
[23:53] <donnamartin> ican't beleive anything
[23:53] <dan2> lol raheem
[23:53] <catullus> might be the best 30 seconds of any movie
[23:54] <donnamartin> is anything real?
[23:54] <autarch> The ending was unforgettable
[23:54] <@Ampersand_> now dat's a fuggin moovie
[23:54] <donnamartin> unfuggatable, duh
[23:54] <autarch> I'm still in stitches
[23:54] <ratti> i cant believe they made a movie to defend john gotti
[23:54] <ratti> "look all he did was have conversations!"
[23:54] <AnimeFilm> special thanks to the gotti family
[23:54] <Trebbers> He was just trying to feed his family
[23:54] <catullus> I cant believe moviepass paid for part of this
[23:55] <donnamartin> thanks to goodfellas
[23:55] <Trebbers> Moviepass up for a RICO charge
[23:55] <catullus> Im crying
[23:55] <ratti> kevin connolly is now being surveilled by the fbi
[23:55] <bob511> That would be the least surprising thing, in all serious, Trebek.
[23:55] <ratti> now theyre playing the real tapes
[23:55] <bob511> Er, seriousness.
[23:55] == shalabi [ae43f6d6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:55] == Trebbers [46a0777f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:55] <catullus> ok back to hanging up my clean laundry
[23:55] <johnnyblast> i'm going to go for a long walk and think about my life
[23:55] == ratti [4c47070e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:55] <donnamartin> that was so much worse than i thought it would be
[23:56] <autarch> thank you E from entourage
[23:56] == AnimeFilm [6bb82bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:56] == johnnyblast [49c9ac47@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:56] <catullus> i just watched all the dirty laundry i can handle
[23:56] <donnamartin> thank gotti to moviepass
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Postby Autarch » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:01 am

that was great. can someone upload the last 30 seconds to youtube?
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Postby Darlene » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:37 am

cant believe i missed this
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Postby wintergreen » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:40 am

crosspost from the ireland thread:

aububs wrote:michael flatly has written, produced, directed and is starring in a movie. and he put eric roberts in it. this is gonna be the film of the century.

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Postby Ampersand » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:18 am

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Postby aububs » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:24 am

apparently it's a rip off of Casablanca

it can't fail. I'm so excited for it
no buddy not really
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Postby Ampersand » Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:19 am

This Sunday,
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Postby Ampersand » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:41 pm

Ampersand wrote:This Sunday,
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:04 am

Tonight! The dB is a little restricted atm, so if you need the movie shoot me a PM
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:06 pm

Ampersand wrote:Tonight! The dB is a little restricted atm, so if you need the movie shoot me a PM
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:10 pm

Two hours until showtime!
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Postby kayke » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:53 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:53 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:01 pm

Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: The Roommate
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:45 pm

Code: Select all
<Ampersand_> PAUSE ON 00:00 PLEASE
<autarch> hold on
<autarch> i'm buffering
<Ampersand_> lemme know
<lhs> this is no time for realplayer
<theroomkayke> why is this movie so wide
<ratmate> to see the whole room
<Trebbers> got snakes in it
<sideshowraheem> hey are you talking about this movie or my ex-wife
<Ampersand_> lol
<bob511> No square foot gone to waste.
<theroomkayke> all good answers, thank you
<autarch> 2 mins
<dan2> what about a rat movie that turns into a snake movie
<autarch> i'm just downloading it now
<ratmate> wow autarch holding us up
<ratmate> typical
<Ampersand_> jeeeeez
<dan2> W O W
<autarch> oh geez
<autarch> you know
<Trebbers> outrage
<bob511> Yeah, streaming from DB is not reliable.
<autarch> I don't need this shit
<sideshowraheem> thankfully this one barely slid over the 90 minute mark
<autarch> I don't need this bullshit from you ratbags
<Ampersand_> we need this shit
<autarch> It's not so easy being me
<ratmate> some of us have JOBS
<autarch> You know, life aint a cakewalk
<theroomkayke> my life is a kaykewalk
<theroomkayke> don't run much
<Ampersand_> some jobs, no hope, little cash
<autarch> hey, guess what ratbags, I have a job too.
<ratmate> autarch is definitely the guy scream-whispering his friends name in a dark theatre when he shows up late
<sideshowraheem> remember when Dropbox would stream for 10 minutes then no more? what was that shit?
<autarch> about 43 seconds left
<dan2> here's a trailer to watch in that time
<dan2> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uQL7dbvHHU
<Ampersand_> damn
<Ampersand_> i am into this
<dan2> it's got Ice T in it
<Ampersand_> yeah good cast
<ratmate> have we watched DEEP COVER yet
<bob511> "captured from the 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) VHS tape. This tape is labeled 61991 and released in (2003)"
<sideshowraheem> oh wow glad to know they took this from the 2 Fast 2 Furious VHS release
<Trebbers> ahah
<bob511> Thorough YouTube captioning.
<ratmate> with laurence fishburne and jeff goldblum
<Trebbers> Finally! I found it! I remember putting 2 fast 2 furious vhs tape in just so I can see this trailer! but  also RIP Paul Walker
<autarch> ok i'm ready
<autarch> sry
<autarch> about that
<Ampersand_> alright
<ratmate> everyone the KING IS READY NOW
<Ampersand_> START ON 1
<Ampersand_> 3
<Ampersand_> 2
<Ampersand_> 1
<Trebbers> bobbin my head already
<sideshowraheem> we're already rockin out
<ratmate> cant believe i saw this in theatres
<autarch> yeah this is some good music
<AnimeFilm> this is my jam
<Ampersand_> a bop
<sideshowraheem> we're indie rockin out
<AnimeFilm> LOS ANGELES, 2003
<ratmate> i think i gave it a positive review on my old movie message board
<autarch> this song is actually v nice
<autarch> john 316
<sideshowraheem> she's gonna get a stunner as soon as she walks in
<theroomkayke> oh dang I want a movie about that desk girl and her wig
<AnimeFilm> What does she study?
<autarch> this movie was made by a christian
<ratmate> this is a very veronica mars aesthetic
<Ampersand_> totally
<dan2> dead on
<Trebbers> Billy Zane is the only actor I recognize from this
<sideshowraheem> Veronica Mercury
<bob511> Not enough gel lighting to be Veronica Mars
<autarch> minka kelly
<autarch> i recognize her
<autarch> wait
<autarch> is that aly or aj from aly and aj?
<Trebbers> I know some of the names
<Ampersand_> need some t-shirts worn over long sleeved shirts to get the full V Mars feel
<sideshowraheem> Jon Gary Steele is a great name
<dan2> Ratzone
<theroomkayke> I love all these side characters, this movie looks so much older than it is
<ratmate> thats me
<ratmate> love putting pics of celebs on my wall
<Trebbers> Don't tape shit to your wall
<theroomkayke> AAAH it's bonnie from vamp diaries
<sideshowraheem> gonna lose that deposit
<Ampersand_> whoa, kayke, both Elena and Bonnie are in this
<Trebbers> hahaha
<theroomkayke> roommate diaries
<sideshowraheem> this guy is going fuckin nuts on that keyboard
<ratmate> ive never been to a house party with one of these live local bands crammed in the corner of the living room
<ratmate> but i always see them in movies
<autarch> this is giving me gilmore vibes
<ratmate> i saw a punk band in a garage once i guess
<Ampersand_> "i guess you can say i made you wet hyuck hyuck"
<theroomkayke> I've been to house parties with more bands than party guests
<AnimeFilm> idk if this is what college looks like
<autarch> ABC family vibes. The TV Show Greek. I never saw an episode, but I saw the trailer a ton and the song is burned into my brain.
<sideshowraheem> this guy is like 35
<Trebbers> yeah
<autarch> 3 cups and you automatically die. it's like Monster energy drink
<ratmate> he tried to charm her with date rape
<theroomkayke> He looks like an evil degrassi character
<sideshowraheem> he's ailed college since 1998
<sideshowraheem> f
<dan2> this guy seems like he's got it all figured out
<sideshowraheem> explains his hair
<ratmate> "wait, my date rape line didn't work??"
<autarch> love to take it off
<Trebbers> what in th world
<autarch> NO! TRACY! SHIT!!
<ratmate> he's doubling down
<bob511> Leaving the friend to just ride the elevator all night.
<theroomkayke> ew I hate this guy and his whole deal
<Trebbers> "The frat pays me in rape"
<dan2> oh ho ho, you scoundrel
<AnimeFilm> he really doesnt look separate from the frat guys
<ratmate> tim riggins would MURDER that guy
<sideshowraheem> this guy is taking dane cook's style like 3 years after he was popular
<autarch> that dude is like 15 years away from an aarp card
<Ampersand_> "you twin"
<Trebbers> uh a ghost
<autarch> damn
<lhs> rebarka
<autarch> "you so ugly i gotta barf"
<autarch> sick burn
<sideshowraheem> her shirt is still covered in beer
<Trebbers> Why is it so dark
<ratmate> my friend turned to me at that point in the film in the theatre and said
<ratmate> "She's the roommate"
<Trebbers> ahahah
<Ampersand_> lol
<ratmate> and he was totally serious
<dan2> lol
<sideshowraheem> ahaha rat
<sideshowraheem> proto chappie tweet
<autarch> hmmm. why is she up so early? somethings not right
<ratmate> she's young
<ratmate> you recover faster
<bob511> Little hair 'o the dog that roofie'd ya.
<autarch> i don't trust her. eerie music plays in her background
<Ampersand_> "yeah i drew you while you slept in your own vomit"
<Trebbers> Bookstore time boyeee
<autarch> "uh god"
<ratmate> wow there goes autarch's theory
<ratmate> good work, detective
<autarch> jfc
<dan2> looking back upon it, the Sony Ericson was a weird name for a phone
<ratmate> hate ex boyfriends
<bob511> ULA
<Trebbers> This girl is a dummy
<theroomkayke> that's what you get
<ratmate> he ditched the love of his life for a school named "Brown"
<sideshowraheem> I'm going to have difficulty telling these two apart even though they have slightly different hair
<Trebbers> I duretz
<sideshowraheem> speaking of hair
<autarch> clothes horse?
<dan2> TOTAL clothes horse
<theroomkayke> "clothes horse"?
<ratmate> people had the same problem with single white female raheem
<autarch> I'm a total weed horse
<ratmate> clothes? that's where i'm a trojan
<theroomkayke> at leas she's not a horse horse
<autarch> wow. she's a real art horse.
<dan2> "is this one dress...human skin?"
<Ampersand_> lol
<Trebbers> SPRINKLERS!
<ratmate> *flipping thru her dresses* these are my old roommates
<sideshowraheem> at least they're more different than The Covenant
<autarch> this is my roommate horse
<Ampersand_> how about beb
<ratmate> "oh totally cool"
<autarch> jfc
<dan2> big becky fan here
<AnimeFilm> beba
<dan2> the name, I mean
<Ampersand_> oh my
<autarch> beebop
<ratmate> here he is
<ratmate> the zanester
<Trebbers> yesyesyes
<Ampersand_> ominous fedora
<Trebbers> verang
<ratmate> playing a fashion professor is what billy zane was born to do
<dan2> Jason Zantham
<Ampersand_> let's just do the Billy Zane filmography
<AnimeFilm> she looks like britney spears
<theroomkayke> because of her hat, duh
<ratmate> "because im the protagonist"
<dan2> Actor (154 credits)
<Ampersand_> doable
<dan2> Ghosts of War (post-production) Actor
<dan2> I like the sounds of that
<Trebbers> The last couple years before Billy let the D'Onofrioing take hold
<theroomkayke> "two things I can't teach-- a hat and a scarf"
<autarch> "what about sex? can you teach sex?"
<ratmate> lol frienderz
<AnimeFilm> I didnt even know ive seen him in twin peaks
<ratmate> the only time ive sent someone a drink
<Trebbers> Wait are they supposed to be freshmen
<sideshowraheem> her head must be so sweaty right now
<ratmate> she absolutely destroyed me cause i didnt send her friends drinks too
<ratmate> so now i dont do that anymore
<ratmate> it was very embarrassing but also educational
<autarch> SOmeone needs to bust out a sick icebreaker
<Trebbers> Will be disappointed if the roommate doesn't wear that hat too
<autarch> holy shit
<autarch> collect call
<sideshowraheem> it's chekov's fedora, she has to talk about Sam Harris in the third act
<autarch> in 2011
<dan2> Night Stalks at the Diner
<Trebbers> Prisoners are the only people collect calling at this point
<theroomkayke> hmmm
<autarch> she seems nice
<theroomkayke> like I know she's crazy but if I didn't I'd be into it
<Ampersand_> we're walking into the modern pieces. hold onto your butts
<ratmate> id be at brown so fast after that
<ratmate> wow a camera?????
<Ampersand_> this one's going directly onto Friendzer
<theroomkayke> just kiss already
<Trebbers> "It's a fedora"
<sideshowraheem> da fuck
<Ampersand_> "i named this one Emily"
<autarch> hahaha
<dan2> lol amp
<ratmate> "i always wanted a sister i could kill"
<autarch> richard prince owns though
<Trebbers> Oh she only watches films
<Ampersand_> lol i love that the roommate is a snob
<ratmate> im not sure that was what the movie was about but ok
<Trebbers> ahahahah
<sideshowraheem> what the fuck is this song
<bob511> Need to frame that poster.
<AnimeFilm> sounds like empire of the sun
<ratmate> i wrote this song...
<autarch> drips from your eyeyeyeyes
<Trebbers> FedEx'ed that poster
<AnimeFilm> which is like an mgmt knock off from this time
<Ampersand_> RMMT
<Trebbers> ahah
<ratmate> lol
<dan2> back to the stable
<lhs> oh no
<Trebbers> Oh no kitty is not going to make it
<ratmate> this part is directly lifted from single white female
<AnimeFilm> lol
<sideshowraheem> The Devil Wears a Kitty
<ratmate> "i can't wait to kill this"
<autarch> "Tonight, we dine like kings"
<Ampersand_> pffffffft
<Trebbers> Cuddlz
<Trebbers> *puts necklace on Cuddlz*
<lhs> i'm so stressed out about the fate of this kitten
<ratmate> have you seen single white female, lhs?
<theroomkayke> she's gonna kill the dead sister
<lhs> nope
<ratmate> oh shit
<ratmate> im sorry
<autarch> hahahah
<ratmate> sick new york shirt
<sideshowraheem> jesus christ
<autarch> the shirt
<bob511> Lids.  Always forget lids.
<lhs> he's 40 today
<Ampersand_> i hate this man's face
<dan2> I genuinely shuddered when he did that smile
<theroomkayke> that guy is me
<theroomkayke> I want my mocha
<autarch> is that the guy from Phil of the Future?
<Trebbers> Guys in this shop all look like they
<autarch> the 40 year old guy
<Trebbers> 're from the local halfway home
<autarch> is that Phil from Phil of the Future?
<theroomkayke> their common room looks like the Dollhouse
<AnimeFilm> they really do look hard to tell apart
<autarch> label lord
<theroomkayke> such a label horse
<Trebbers> ahaah
<ratmate> oh god
<AnimeFilm> y i k e s
<theroomkayke> *screaming*
<autarch> ear horse
<Ampersand_> my kinda hardcore
<Trebbers> seems like it's more involved that that?
<sideshowraheem> oh no now she has the taste for human blood
<dan2> please, see a professional, like at the Piercing Pagoda
<Ampersand_> lol
<autarch> yeah there is nothing about her I don't like so far
<AnimeFilm> wait, that was the 'bad' one?
<Ampersand_> Piercing Pagoda is where i got my ear pierced
<Ampersand_> still leaking puss 20 years later
<lhs> it takes more work for me to get earrings in and my ears are pierced
<theroomkayke> be best friends with these two instead, they're rad
<lhs> she must have the bodily integrity of a two month old tangerine
<autarch> the only way rebecca could get better would be if she killed her
<ratmate> not weird at all
<autarch> "what do you mean?"
<autarch> "You're making a big fuss out of nothing"
<sideshowraheem> "you're just jealous because the audience can tell us apart"
<bob511> "Like some psycho, but single.  And white."
<Trebbers> ahah
<autarch> hahahah
<Trebbers> oh god BZ's tie
<ratmate> id watch a whole movie about billy zane's character
<ratmate> horny fashion professor
<sideshowraheem> fashion guy can barely tie his own tie
<dan2> I'm hoping Billy doesn't end up biting it
<Ampersand_> "i'm The Roommate!"
<autarch> I identify with the professor strongly. I've been horny before so I know how he feels.
<dan2> but I can't think of any other reason to make him a character
<Ampersand_> yeah he's way deas
<sideshowraheem> I feel like Zane might have to save her in the end
<Ampersand_> *dead
<lhs> zane designs her college prom dress
<sideshowraheem> wait who is this?
<theroomkayke> the friend from facebook
<theroomkayke> er friendzster
<sideshowraheem> Dane Book
<Ampersand_> taking it off, once again
<autarch> Why are there two love interests?
<Trebbers> This is like a love octagon
<AnimeFilm> shes "psycho"
<sideshowraheem> I wonder if this director has seen any Alfred Hitchcock movies
<autarch> Lame Crook
<AnimeFilm> Hes seen birdemic
<ratmate> chekhov's bellybutton ring
<autarch> aw, rats! no ass!
<theroomkayke> this is why you should always shower with a buddy
<autarch> it's the d'angelo video all over again
<Ampersand_> probably more Eli Roth's bellybutton ring
<dan2> see this is where my idea for a glow in the dark belly button ring would really pay off
<sideshowraheem> that one is going on celebbellybuttons.com
<autarch> one ring to rule them all
<Trebbers> just leave the room
<theroomkayke> this is when you say "I'm clean enough" and head back to your room
<Trebbers> what
<sideshowraheem> much like that scene in The Covenant she probably should have just left instead of looking around
<autarch> yessss
<sideshowraheem> no
<sideshowraheem> oh fuck
<Trebbers> clenched up
<AnimeFilm> ouchies
<sideshowraheem> this movie loves piercing pain
<dan2> not much of a quip horse, is she
<ratmate> she should've said
<ratmate> "don't forget to wash your belly button"
<theroomkayke> "I don't like it so I took the ring off it"
<autarch> chris hanson
<bob511> Plus, she's going to be covered in ringworm.
<Trebbers> Hope they don't up the piercing trauma for this dude
<sideshowraheem> she's going to take off his tats with a cheese grater
<Ampersand_> i hate this man passionately
<AnimeFilm> he seems like his name would be chadwick
<Ampersand_> Chadwick Broman
<theroomkayke> he looks a little like kristen bell's husband
<autarch> This guy has one facial expression
<Trebbers> Guy is having a hell of a time with his continuing legal education class
<AnimeFilm> his eyebrows fold over his eyes as natural sun protection
<Trebbers> Gonna take out a book in his name and not return it
<theroomkayke> being creepy makes you a ninja
<Ampersand_> we should crawl inside my hat together
<lhs> it seems like they actually hate each other
<autarch> to be fair, she's 35 as well
<autarch> so it's not that weird
<Trebbers> what
<Ampersand_> creep shot
<sideshowraheem> whoever made this loves midriff
<ratmate> this movie is full of navel gazing
<theroomkayke> put the dirty undies into the pizza box and slide he pizza box under the bed
<Trebbers> dude, you know she has low standards
<autarch> what a slob
<Trebbers> just fuck it
<AnimeFilm> aggressively shoves pizza slices into used socks
<Trebbers> Did we even see Jason?
<sideshowraheem> "yeah it's me but my hair is like 25% more blonde"
<ratmate> this song is a little on the nose
<AnimeFilm> thats a weird shot
<ratmate> the sister picture is a little much
<autarch> did this scene really need to go into another stanza?
<sideshowraheem> now this is directing
<lhs> not in front of the kitten
<autarch> don't make a sound
<ratmate> roommates live together, eat together, orgasm together
<Trebbers> Lets see some belly button tonging
<theroomkayke> power move
<Trebbers> "Don't lay down here"
<ratmate> cuddles is like "youre not going to believe what this psycho did"
<theroomkayke> lmao I love cuddles
<Ampersand_> the fuck is this hat
<sideshowraheem> they need to distinguish everyone with hats
<theroomkayke> E A T
<autarch> it's called a buray
<theroomkayke> bluray
<Ampersand_> and bu ray!
<autarch> and blue ray
<AnimeFilm> oh no
<sideshowraheem> this movei is almost as poorly lit as Gotti
<theroomkayke> : ((((
<theroomkayke> OMG
<ratmate> LHS, close your eyes
<autarch> jfc
<autarch> this is not good
<sideshowraheem> oh come on
<autarch> i'm out
<autarch> what the fuck
<autarch> this is so fucked
<lhs> :<
<autarch> did they actually harm any cats?
<Ampersand_> Cuddles is Fluffy now
<bob511> Can confirm that cats love warm laundry, though.
<Ampersand_> kittykarma
<AnimeFilm> yes 20 cuddles stunt doubles were harmed in the filming
<ratmate> the puppy in single white female got it worse
<theroomkayke> Why kill cuddles, just let it go
<Trebbers> Shit, what happened to cuddles
<ratmate> her violence is driven by an obsession with possession
<autarch> do you think the one who got her bellybutton ripped does her own stunts?
<lhs> i have to go pet my cats now, brb
<Trebbers> Dryer?
<ratmate> if she can't have the object of her desire, she destroys the object
<ratmate> i write about this in my book
<dan2> we didn't _see_ Cuddles actually die, so there's still a chance she comes back at the end to settle the score
<Ampersand_> HAT THE FUCK
<autarch> now he has a blu ray too
<ratmate> The Roommate
<theroomkayke> fashion
<dan2> this movie is a hat on a hat
<ratmate> KINKY
<autarch> kinky :ahuh:
<Ampersand_> dark vaginal recesses
<autarch> put a cork in her, zane
<Ampersand_> pull in closer, please, camera
<Trebbers> veering into Goldblum territory
<bob511> "One day you're shooting a movie in 2003, the next thing it gets released in 2011 and none of the clothing looks right."
<sideshowraheem> yikes, this is inzane
<theroomkayke> how could she resist that hat
<autarch> Why didn't she kiss him back? It's BILLY FUCKING ZANE!
<dan2> to think I looked up to you Billy
<lhs> wait billy zane kissed her?
<theroomkayke> yee
<autarch> yeah
<sideshowraheem> welp so much for the Zane saviour hypothesis
<lhs> what a scene to miss
<bob511> "Got an O in Psych"
<autarch> hahaha
<Ampersand_> lol
<autarch> bob5111
<sideshowraheem> *Billy Zane voice * My ex-wife
<autarch> Billy horny
<theroomkayke> "how to take them off!!!"
<dan2> "I'm really getting into fashion"
<autarch> what?!
<sideshowraheem> TAKE HIS HAT
<dan2> she's wearing a wire
<bob511> "You little teeth"
<autarch> jfc
<autarch> billy is awful
<Ampersand_> poor innocent lecher
<autarch> billy wtf
<Trebbers> This makes no sense
<autarch> another loveable teacher
<ratmate> so thats marc jacobs
<theroomkayke> A woman professor? wow
<autarch> yessss
<Ampersand_> that's what you call kittenkarma
<sideshowraheem> Warmplay
<autarch> this soundtrack rules
<dan2> The Walters?
<ratmate> is this dashboard confessional
<AnimeFilm> shes just being a guardian angel
<autarch> the walthers
<theroomkayke> what's a walther?
<sideshowraheem> it's a gun I think
<ratmate> the werthers would be a sick band name
<theroomkayke> lol rat
<sideshowraheem> that would certainly be original
<ratmate> WOW
<lhs> more like no patrol
<ratmate> lol
<Ampersand_> lol
<bob511> Plus, the dorm Internet is super fast over the break.
<autarch> I'm not so Keane on this band
<sideshowraheem> lol autarch
<theroomkayke> yikes
<theroomkayke> YIKES!!!
<Trebbers> Time to hijack a plane
<sideshowraheem> she's going to carve a backwards B into her face
<Trebbers> uh
<autarch> wtf are you doing like girl NOOO
<bob511> This is where we keep our peacock feathers and boxcutters.
<dan2> now she's gonna blackmail Cuddles
<AnimeFilm> this isnt the last navel we will see
<theroomkayke> I'll be hiding inside my t shirt until this is over
<theroomkayke> GO TO THE NURSE
<Trebbers> The belly button bandit
<lhs> good thing she knows how to sew
<autarch> "hell no, acab" - rebecca
<ratmate> this director is the tarantino of bellybuttons
<autarch> The curious case of Benjamin Bellybutton
<dan2> this guy looks like he's constantly been maced
<ratmate> lol
<theroomkayke> lol
<autarch> haha holy shit
<Trebbers> 1234
<autarch> 1234 murder avenue
<ratmate> welcome to PSYCHO PALACE
<theroomkayke> "these are my PARENTS' gardeners"
<ratmate> "this is the room where i learned to be a mate"
<autarch> jesus. what a ray of sunshine she is.
<Trebbers> Parents acting like they interrupted a sex party
<ratmate> look at her bed
<ratmate> that bed is a psychopath warning sign
<Ampersand_> "well i have had other roommates"
<theroomkayke> eye to turkey transition bops
<ratmate> i hope you don't mind eating HUMANS
<autarch> Hello, Mr. and Mrs. O'Path, your daughter Psych is here to see you
<sideshowraheem> dollar store tilda swinton married to dollar store Buffalo Bill
<AnimeFilm> Is this Jork Nicholson
<theroomkayke> dork brown
<sideshowraheem> actually dad looks like Kevin MacDonald as a Klingon
<autarch> "But have you ripped any belly buttons out?"
<autarch> "I'll just leave that comment hanging out there"
<dan2> a person taking medication? oh my GOD I can't believe it!
<sideshowraheem> stigmatize mental health much?
<AnimeFilm> could be her bellybutton medication
<bob511> "No, that's her doppelganger."
<theroomkayke> lol
<Ampersand_> kbye
<sideshowraheem> "her bellybutton is twice as big as yours"
<autarch> "jealous?"
<sideshowraheem> yikes
<lhs> the imdb keywords include "sexiness" and "coffee"
<Trebbers> Almost dropped her Sony Ericsson phone when she saw her
<theroomkayke> "we were just... classmates" that's the prequel
<bob511> Bad blood between the TVD and GG camps at the CW.
<autarch> "friendsterz would beg to differ"
<theroomkayke> whenever that noise happens I get scared we're going to see cuddle's corpse
<autarch> "Crazy Pills. 50 mg."
<ratmate> this is my fave scene
<sideshowraheem> "this is the drug that stops you from killing cats!"
<lhs> let's see what the parents guide says
<Trebbers> Cuddles is going to pressed into that book
<lhs> "She gives people a mental scare when she stares with an angry look. "
<autarch> "Anti-murder pills?"
<theroomkayke> lol raheem
<Trebbers> Rick
<dan2> watch it RICK
<autarch> RICK
<autarch> so sorry, RICK!
<Ampersand_> spoiled?
<autarch> haha
<autarch> pussy
<Trebbers> Driving a porsche
<autarch> can't believe you didn't want to play with fire while being doused in gasoline
<theroomkayke> ah a refreshing glass of glowstick
<sideshowraheem> she's more borderline personality than schizophrenia
<Trebbers> Fuck yea martini
<ratmate> dont drage irene into this
<autarch> are franz ferdinand gonna show up ever?
<theroomkayke> leave this lesbian alone
<sideshowraheem> is this the other woman I don't recognize her without her hat
<ratmate> no
<dan2> they make that stuff?
<ratmate> or is it
<ratmate> we'll never know
<ratmate> without the hat
<bob511> "Wait, let me apply my bellybuttonstick first."
<autarch> show the belly button
<autarch> "show me your bellybutton"
<Ampersand_> "as luck would have it, i live in this bathroom"
<autarch> ahahhaha
<theroomkayke> lol
<ratmate> lol
<theroomkayke> "leave a message on my door"??
<theroomkayke> is that a thing?
<lhs> voice snail mail
<ratmate> that was like part of a dutch angle
<sideshowraheem> wait is their room huge now?
<ratmate> its the dutch angle
<lhs> always get tattooed at hot topic
<bob511> Well, without that gigantic kitten taking up all the space...
<theroomkayke> yeah you need two people to be T.A.T.U
<autarch> a 3rd bellybutton?
<ratmate> *gets a tattoo of a bellybutton*
<Trebbers> here we go
<sideshowraheem> yikes
<Trebbers> haah
<theroomkayke> you freak
<ratmate> UH OH
<bob511> Did Emily also have "emily" tattooed on her chest?
<dan2> I already have an Emily, and she's my boob
<autarch> She's gonna get a red tattoo of her bellybutton slightly to the right of her bellybutton and a blue one slightly to the left of her bellybutton so you can look at her bellybutton in 3D
<Trebbers> Turn it up
<Trebbers> Dum dum
<AnimeFilm> (accidentally paused the film, and eh im just gonna head out. Take care)
<theroomkayke> Stephen you dumdum you scoop neck having dumdum
<ratmate> animefilm might be the roommate
<sideshowraheem> "lift up your shirt"
<theroomkayke> those chain curtains are interesting
<theroomkayke> no swords can penetrate those curtains
<sideshowraheem> "I can't tell who this is it looks like every woman in this movie"
<Ampersand_> how can anyone leave when there's a guaranteed 4-12 more hats
<theroomkayke> their quad is the confederate flag
<lhs> ITT TEK
<autarch> gamers
<autarch> they're a dime a dozene
<theroomkayke> the comforting sight of gamers
<sideshowraheem> is this the first time we're seeing this guy
<Trebbers> yeah
<Ampersand_> who could say for sure
<autarch> the walthers!
<theroomkayke> "please love jason"
<ratmate> lol
<ratmate> this movie is full of deans and logans
<ratmate> no jess
<dan2> now she's a horse of a different color
<theroomkayke> YEAS THE HAT
<autarch> that's spot on
<sideshowraheem> oh shit it really was chekov's fedora
<autarch> there's no jess to be seen
<dan2> It's more of a she-dora
<Trebbers> ahah
<theroomkayke> she still looks blonde
<lhs> when has a boyfriend ever noticed that, kayke
<theroomkayke> lol
<sideshowraheem> the lost Paul brother is in for a surprise
<sideshowraheem> it's every day bro
<ratmate> exacto'd
<Ampersand_> guess he came
<autarch> jfc
<dan2> he's gonna need some Paulbearers now
<autarch> looks like you're about to come....to an end
<sideshowraheem> Goodnight Irene
<sideshowraheem> that fucking french sign is so pretentious
<bob511_> Entree de Artistes, huh?
<sideshowraheem> I'm glad she's dead
<autarch> live laugh love
<ratmate> everyone thats been a victim has been horny
<sideshowraheem> oh I thought she was gonna be a rotted corpse
<autarch> jfc
<dan2> that is not what I needed at 11:35
<sideshowraheem> where did she get the gun
<ratmate> raheem
<ratmate> its america
== bob511_ has changed nick to bob511
<autarch> NOT!
<Trebbers> sheeet
<lhs> gotta buy another devil wears prada poster
<sideshowraheem> kick her in the bellybutton!
<autarch> jfc
<Trebbers> Just barricade that door
<theroomkayke> lmao
<theroomkayke> this is so much
<Ampersand_> quality curtains
<ratmate> of course he has no problem punching her
<sideshowraheem> it's ok Kevin Costner taught him how to kill someone without anyone finding out
<Ampersand_> "but... you accepted my friend request"
<lhs> "oh shit, i always forget to buy bullets"
<Trebbers> no cops huh
<Ampersand_> kiss kiss!
<sideshowraheem> mohammed atta special bitch
<Trebbers> sick
<autarch> kick her face in while she's down you dummy
<theroomkayke> rip the tattoo off her boob
<autarch> boo!
<lhs> stephen was three days away from graduation
<ratmate> from drummer to dumber
<sideshowraheem> Drummer is dead?
<bob511> She gets automatic A's now, right?
<ratmate> shes fine with jason being dead huh
<autarch> can't get over this guy's face
<Trebbers> lol?
<sideshowraheem> his face looks like homer after he eats the super sour candy
<Ampersand_> montage of them pissing on the bed together over the end credits
<dan2> Handsome Guy
<sideshowraheem> Dennis Miller: This movie was so navel dominated it might as well be commanded by admiral Nimitz
<dan2> Mocha Kid
<Ampersand_> Woman Professor
<autarch> there were too many characters
<Ampersand_> too on the nose
<Trebbers> hha raheem
<ratmate> slacker co-worker
<theroomkayke> #mochakid
<ratmate> that guy got fucking burned
<ratmate> we didnt even see him slack
<sideshowraheem> too many characters? what is this friggin twitter 9 months ago?
<ratmate> i hope those of you with roommates sleep safe tonight
<theroomkayke> snappy oliver
<dan2> Chad B. Daring
<sideshowraheem> Animals of distinction
<sideshowraheem> RIP cuddles
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:50 am

This Thursday,

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Postby Ampersand » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:15 pm

bump. tomorrow!
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Postby important dentist » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:05 pm

back from vacation and am excited to come back for this. could have sworn y'all did from justin to kelly before i started watching in 2012 but i could be wrong

while on vacay i caught the beginning of a new lifetime movie called "killer single dad" that looked bonkers enough for us
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Postby Ampersand » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:21 pm

important dentist wrote:while on vacay i caught the beginning of a new lifetime movie called "killer single dad" that looked bonkers enough for us


I'm already anticipating the sequel, Dead(beat) Single Dad.
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Postby donna martin » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:20 pm

on the one hand i've always know The Great Wall was racist appropriation garbage.

but that poster just ... really brings it home.
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Postby Bob511 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:38 pm

donna martin wrote:on the one hand i've always know The Great Wall was racist appropriation garbage.
On the one hand, yeah, naturally; it had Edward Zwick and Max Brooks work on it.

In the end I think it comes off more as a sort of cargo-cult Chinese appropriation/mash-up of the Hollywood-formula blockbuster that we're almost certainly going to get more and more of as time goes on, though.
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:56 pm

Check the db or PM me to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:25 pm

Ampersand wrote:Tonight!
Check the db or PM me to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:27 pm

1.5 hours until showtime!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:50 pm

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